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Who We Are

Welcome to Nardon Candles! We specialize in artisanal candles and diffusers using traditional methods and only the finest quality ingredients including premium natural wax, pure cotton wicks, natural essential oils and perfume grade fine fragrance.

Our luxury products are hand crafted in Greece and designed to transform your everyday through scents that transport, inspire and captivate the senses.

Founders Vagia and Simos have a unique approach to fragrance, artfully blending notes of the familiar, the exotic, and the unexpected for a fragrance experience like no other.

Let Nardon… 

Style your home with fragrance!!

Nardon Candles Values

The Wax
Premium natural edible wax. Not tested on animals. Phthalates, parabens & sulfate-free.
The Glass
High quality glass, handcrafted in Greece. All of jewel top, ideal to incorporate in home designs.
The Wicks
All wicks used are made of cotton.
The Scents
Natural essential oils and perfume grade fine fragrance.

Our Services

After continuous research we produce luxury candles that are an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based paraffin candles. Our hand poured candles are produced by natural ingredients.

Eco-friendly Philosophy

Nardon Candles is an eco-friendly candle making company with a vision on quality, luxury and aesthetics. Soy candles represent a serious eco-friendly alternative with multiple advantages over paraffin wax.

Know How

The wax formula of Nardon candles are the result of our continuous reseach and development process on blending fine notes to excellent burning results.


Nardon Candles retail network consists of carefully selected stores that have a high image, share the same vision with us.

Private Label

Nardon Candles produces Private Label products and Personalized Corporate Gifts to promote your company or event. According to your budget, we will propose the best possible solution that will ideally represent your company.

Free delivery

For orders over 75,00€

Gift Packaging

The perfect gift for your loved ones.


Disconer new fragrances with your next order.